Galileo's Recantation

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Galileo's Recantation

Galileo's thoughts on heliocentrism are submitted to the Roman inquisition

Galileo Galilei's Recantation

Galileo was forced to say that he was wrong, by the Church. The Church did not want him persuading other people that the Church was wrong. Otherwise, people might question if the Church was right about anything.

Time Line



Galileo publishes "Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems"


8 January, 1642

Galileo is put under house arrest

Galileo Galilei dies

Galileo went to court to defend his ideas.The Inquisition declared heliocentrism in 1616 as "foolish and absurd."

The book was about three people: a simpleton, a student and a sage, and they talked about how the universe was made. It was againgst the views of the Church, which was why there was such an uproar about it.

Galileo's efforts were thought of as acts of violation against the Council of Trent.

Galileo was forced to say that he was wrong, and the world did not revolve around the sun. I think that it's unfair that Galileo was forced to say that what he proved was true was false.

The Church is portrayed as bad people in those times to us, in this day, but back then, the Church had a lot of power over everybody.

Galileo speaks his recantation speech

June 23, 1633


I used an article on It helped me justify why I thought it was unfair that Galileo was forced to say he was wrong. It was written by Julie Mianecki.

Galileo was put under house arrest in Florence until he died in 1642.

It was written on June 22, 2011 to mark the day the Inquisition forced Galileo to say that he was wrong. It stated that he was forced to say so in the title and the first sentence.

The Church was the center of everybody's lives

Galileo was portrayed as a bad person back then, even when he died. He was not recognised as a signifigent person until years later. He was thought as a bad person because the Church didn't want him protesting againgst God. Because the Church thought he was bad, everbody else followed.

In Galileo's time the Church was thought as good and Galileo was shunned. Nowadays, Galileo is thought as one of the best astronomers of all time, and the Church is thought of as greedy.


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