Galileo Galilei's Recantation

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Galileo Galilei's Recantation

The Smithsonian magazine's website published an article about Galilei's recantation. It was written by Julie Mianecki who uses David DeVorkin, an astrology and history specialist as a source. The document's purpose is to inform the public on Galilei's recantation, from the perspective of a reputable magazine. The article summarizes how after Galilei published Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems, the Catholic church believed him to be a heretic. Galilei was forced to abjure his beliefs about the heliocentric theory.

Analysis of Source

Another source that was looked at was Galilei's recantation verbatim featured on the University of Missouri-Kansas City's website. The web page's aim is to provide students with the exact words that Galilei said in his abjuration. The page is unbiased because no one's opinion is posted, only the primary source of Galilei's recantation. The recantation portrays Galilei as a heretic repenting his ways. The Church is portrayed as the superior and righteous The main idea published in this source is Galilei's recantation word for word.


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Analysis of Source

Galileo Galilei's Recantation

Who was Galilei?

Galileo Galilei was an Italian scientist who supported Copernican theory. Copernicus believed, contrary to the Catholic church's doctrine, the earth rotated around the sun. Galilei refined the ideas of Copernicus. Unlike Copernicus, Galilei widely publicized the heliocentric theory. For this, he was persecuted by the Catholic church.


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