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Galileo Galilei

I think Galileo Galilei was a very important scientist. Here are a few things I learned about him. Galileo was born on February 15,1564 in Pisa,Italy. His father's name was Vincenzo Galilei. His mother's name was Guilia di Cosimo Ammannati. Galileo was the oldest of six children. His family wasn't rich, but Galileo did go to school. He went to school at th University of Pisa. He never got married, but he did have a relationship with a girl named Marina Gamba. Together they had three kids. There are many interesting facts on Galileo Galilei. He found out the Milky Way was made of stars. He found out our moon has mountains on it. Last but not least, he was the first person to use a telescope to look at the sky. Without Galileo, we would not know as much about space as we do today.


1564 - Was born in Pisa,Italy1574 -Family moves to Florence,Italy 1581-Goes to University of Pisa1597-Invents compass with caculator1609-Makes a better telescope and views the moon1616-Writes about his thoughts and ideas about the tides1633 - Put on trial for publishing a book about the solar system1642 - Died in Arcetri,Italy

Lasting Impact

He invented an improved telescope and made theories about outer space.


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Famous Quote

"We cannot teach people anything;we can only help them discover it within themselves."

If Galileo Galilei had not improved the telescope, we might not be able to see outer space in such detail.


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