Galileo Galilei

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Scientific Biographies

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Galileo Galilei

Galileo had been a supporter heliocentrism, the belief that everything revolved around the sun and not the earth (which was correct). He made his beliefs known, however what he preached went directly against what the church had been supporting the idea that everything revolved around the earth! Through much dispute and argument between him and the church. Galileo was found as a suspect of heracy and was sentanced to formal improsonment and eventually house arrest. Any writing he had of heliocentrism was banned along with the publication of any works, including anything he wanted to write in the future.

Achievements -Was known as "the Father of Modern Science"-Made great advancements in astronomy, physics, and dynamics.

Galileo Philosopy

ConclusionFrom these facts, we can conclude that Galileo was a magnificent man who had his own ideas of the nature of the world and could think for himself. Unfortunately, he haid paid with his life when others questioned and disliked his ideas aswell as teachings.

Galileo Galilei

Who Was He?

Galileo was an accomplished physicist, mathmatician, astronamer, engineer, and philosipher who played a immense role in the Scientific Revolution

The Pendulum

Some of Galileo's greatest work was his creation of an improved telescope and his creation of the thermoscope (foreign word for thermometer).

Galileo's Creations

Difficulty With the Church


1609 - Galileo learns of the recent invention, the telescope. He returned to Padua and is able to improve the magnification of the telescope he bought to 32 powers.1610 -He leaves his position at Padua to become the first philosopher and mathematician to the grand duke of Tuscany.March 5th 1616 -The Catholic Church formally declares the writings of Galileo banned, and warns Galileo not to "hold or defend his doctrines."


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