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Galileo Galilei

Galileo Galilei 

The esteemed Grantz lineage recently promulgated that patronage would be provided to adept scientific innovaters accomplished in their specific craft. This position has been rewarded to a dexterous trailblazer of Italian descent named Galileo Galilei. This innovator has been bloviated for pioneering the discovery in scientific fields such as engineering, philosophy, physics and astronomy. His perspective and philosophy on the scientific theory varies signifigantly from the original concepts and methods of previous innventors and his patrons regard his tecniques as the key to the evolution human state, society and the further understanding of the Earth.

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Galileo taught astonomy, mechanics and geometry and multiple institutions gaining him reconization and the revelation of his talent theoretical and physical experimentation. Galileo frequently challenged the Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle and this scientific theories. By doing so he discovered that objects boast the same accelerating using the same force independant of their given mass. He also studied pendulums due to practically nonexistant and unconstant timekeeping system and even designed the first pendulum clock. He created a hydrostatic balance used for the measurment of small entities and developed the Universal Law of Acceleration in corralation to his publicized support of the Copernican Theory that planets revovled around the Sun. In the July of 1609 Galileo gained knowledge of a Dutch teescope and went to build his own, thus leading to the fateful event in the fall of 1609 when he turned his lense to the night sky. Galileo later wrote a book called the Starry Messenger revealing his discoveries involving solar bodies. In 1612 he studied the corralation between floating objects relating to their weight and further challenged Aristotle's claims angering the Curch but in 1623 supporter of Galileo was elected as Pope and he could continue his research without problem. Galileo has much more to offer to the world with the assistance of the Pope and the Grantz family he will have the ability to achieve his goals.

Galileo Galilei has devoted his life to the advancment of the intellectual standard in the world. By questioning the accepted theories and discovering new more efficent methods Galileo has succeeded in laying the foundation to be built upon by future scientists.Galileo was born on Febuary 15 of the year 1564 in Duchy of Florence Italy to musician and theorist Vincenzo Galilei and Guilia Ammannati. Gailileo was the eldest of six siblings. The Galilei's moved to Florance, Italy in 1574 where Galileo began his education at the Camaldolese monestary in Vallombrosa. He then was admitted to the University of Pisa in 1583 but left in 1585 without a degree. Galileo returned to the University in 1589 to begin his teaching career but later in 1592 left to teach at the University of Padua. Galileo initated his first experimentations while teaching but he officially left the school in 1610 to pursure his science career.

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Febuary 15, 1564- Birth Date of Galileo1583- Atteneded the University of Pisa1589-92- Teaches at University of Pisa1597- Invents a gemoetric and military compass1604- Published The Operations of the Geometrical and Military Compass and created the Universal Law of Acceleration.1608- Consructs a Hydrostatic BalanceAugust 1609- Development of personal telescope.March 1610- Published The Starry Messanger1612- Published Discourse on Bodies of Water; Discoveries on sunspots1616- Galileo forbidden by the Church to discuss the Copernican Theory1621- Galileo elected Consul of the Accademia Fiorentina1632- Published Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems

Discoveries1586- La Bilancaetta ("The Little Blance")1604- Universal Law of Acceleration1608-Hydrostatic Balance1609- Examination of solar bodies1612- SunspotsNovels1604- The Operations of the Geometrical and Military Compass1610- Starry Messenger1612-Discourse on Bodies of Water1615- Letter to Grand Duchess Christina1618- Il Saggiatore1623- The Assayer1632- Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World SystemsInventions1593- Thermoscope1593- Galileo's Pump1595-98- Improved the Sector1597- Geometric/Military Compass1609- Three-powered spyglass Telescope1641- Design for pendulum clock


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