Galileo Galilei

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Galileo Galilei

WANTED:Galileo Galilei

Information:Born 15 February 1564-Pisa, Duchy of Florence, Italy

Died 8 January 1642 (aged 77)Arcentri, Grand Duchy of Tuscany, Italy

Galileo was born in Italy. He worked in the fields of astronomy, physics, natural philosophy, and mathematics.

Taught at the University Pisa.-1589Later taught at the University of Padua. For the remaining years of his life he was sentenced to house arrest in Florence. and continued his research there.

Wanted for heresy against the Church. No one can contredict the belief that the Earth is the center of the world. Anyone found guilty of heresy will be punished by: torture, and in extreme cases death.

"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them." -Galileo Galilei

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