Galileo Galilei

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Galileo Galilei

So in 1616, the Catholic Church warned Galileo not to defend the ideas of Copernicus. So Galileo remained publicly silent and continued his studies. Then in 1632, he published a Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems. This book presented the ideas of both Copernicus and Ptolemy but it clearly showed that Galileo supported the Copernican theory. The pope angrily summoned Galileo to Rome to stand a trial before the Inquisition.Galileo then stood before the court in 1633. Under the threat of torture he knelt before the cardinals and read aloud a signed confession. In it he agreed that the ideas of Copernicus were false. But Galileo was never again a free man. He was under house arrest until he died in 1642 at his villa near Florence.

An Italian scientist named Galileo Galilei studied new theories about astronomy. As a young man Galileo learned that a Dutch lens maker had built an instrument that could enlarge far off objects. Later on Galileo built his own telescope and used it to study the heavens in 1609. Then in 1610 he published a small book called Starry Messenger, which described his astonishing observations. Galileo announced that Jupiter had four moons and that the sun had dark spots. He also noted that the earth’s moon had a rough and uneven surface. This shattered Aristotle’s theory that the moon and stars were made of perfect substance. Galileo’s observations, and his laws of motion also clearly supported the theories of Copernicus.

Galileo Galilei


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