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Galileo Galilei

Galileo Galilei was born in 1564 in Pisa, Italy. As a student, he initially studied medicine, but eventually switched to math and philosophy. After he finished his schooling, he taught math at different universities for 21 years. While teaching, he worked on many different theories regarding mechanics and pendulums. After hearing about the invention of the telescope in 1609, Galileo built a better version and made many discoveries about astronomy, most notably the four largest moons on Jupiter. Galileo was outspoken in his support for the Copernican Theory, the theory that said the planets orbit the sun, which was contrary to popular belief at the time. He was tried for heresy in 1614 for his support of this theory and was eventually banned by his church from further teaching the theory. In 1632, he was tried again for heresy for a controversial book he published and was sentenced to permanent house arrest, and he died 10 years later on January 8, 1642.


1609 - Creates better version of telescope1614- Tried for heresy1616- Forbidden from teaching Copernican Theory1632- Tried for heresy1638- Publishes book1642- Dies yyyy - Event Name

-Constructed a military compass-Built the first proper telescope-Validated the Copernican Theory-Discovered four moons on Jupiter and phases on Venus-Invented the first thermometer

Lasting Impact

His discoveries remain relevant today and have forced the continued exploration of outer space


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