[2015] Mary McNeil: Galileo Galilei

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[2015] Mary McNeil: Galileo Galilei

Galileo Galilei 1564-1642

Birth Date: February 15, 1564Birth Place:Pisa, Italy

In school, Galileo was fascinated by mathematics and physics. He attended the University of Pisa and later on the University of Padua.

In his late life, Galileo had a few minor teaching positions and also published a novel: "The Little Balance".

-contribution to understanding of universe-use of mathematics-major role in science revolution-nicknamed "The Father of Modern Science/Astronomy"

Death Date: January 8, 1642Death Place: Arcetri, Italy

1609- Galileo made his first telescope.1610- He discovered four new stars orbiting Jupiter, which he called, "Siderius Nuncius," or, "The Starry Messenger."1632- Galileo published a book that talked about both sides to heliocentrism. This was the belief of the sun being the center of the universe. This book put him on trial.

-oldest one out of six siblingsFather: Vincenzo GalileoMother: Giulia Ammannati His three children he had with Marina Gamba: Livia, Vincenzo, and Virginia






-Galileo was not born into a rich family-His family moved to Florence, Italy in the 1570s, around when he was quite young-In his teens, he had to make the decision of becoming a catholic priest or to study medicine


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