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Galilei Galileo

Galilei Galileo

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Discoveries Mostly known for his work in the innovative idea that falling objects descend at the same rate, disporving Aristotles ideas. He is also known for discovering the the 4 largest moons of Jupiter, the Galilean Moons, which lead to his idea that gravity is based on the idea of gravity is based on mass, the Copernican theory. He gathered a massive amount of information through his telescope, like observing the milky way and realizing it is made out of stars like our solar system and he published these finding in the Starry Messenger.



Galileo was born in Pisa, Italy on the 15th of February 1564. He had six sibilings, born from Giulia Ammannati, and Vincenzo Galilei! In 1584 he traveled to the University of Pisa and started his career in medicine, eventually changing his views and leaving to study physics.

ContributionsGalileo contributed many things to the science community. He made the telescope a much more useful and effiecient design. He introduced use to the fundamentals of physics with the use of pendulums. He created the modern experimental method of conducting science.

Against the ChurchAfter writing his book, the Stary Messenger, the church read this book and realized he was pracitcally calling the geo-centric theory childs play. He was put on trial for Heresy and proved guilty.

Galileo created his first telescope in 1609. He did not invent the telescope, but improved by a very large factor. Previous telescopes could only magnify 3x, his could do up to 20x. This maybe have made him blind due to looking at the sun too much.

His Telescope

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