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The caldera of Galeras Volcano is shaped like a horseshoe.

Ethan Nasypany


It is also the most frequently active Volcano located in Columbia. Galeras is also considered dangerous as it can erupt unexpectedly.

Galeras, a stratovolcano located in Columbia, South America.

It is located above a convergent subduction plate boundary. The Nazca plate and North Andes block form the boundary that the Volcano rests upon.

It's eruptive products include Pyroclast flows, Vulcanian explosions, Degassing, Ash plumes, and Debris avalanches.

It's lava composition is Complex, a mix of both Mafic and Felsic.

On January fourteenth, 1993, there was an eruption that erupted without warning, with tourists and scientists caught in the crater.

While investigating the crater of Galeras, six volcanologists and three tourists were killed by the eruption. Only six of the fourteen people there survived. Although the devastating eruption, there was no property damage.

Stanley Williams, miraculous survivor of Galeras eruption of 1993.

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