Galaxy Collisions

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Galaxy Collisions

**When the galaxies collide, the stars do not. The dstance between the stars is so great that they don't need to.**


The Andromeda Galaxy and the Milkway Galaxy are believed to collide in 4 billion years. They are two of the largest galaxies in the local group.

Galaxy CollisionsBy Claire Berdel

What is Galaxy Collision? Galaxy collisions are like galactic "car wrecks" in which two galaxies pass close enough to gravitationally disrupt each other's shape. The collision rips streamers of stars from the galaxies, fuels an explosion of star birth, and can ultimately result in both galaxies merging into one. definition from:

**For it to be considered a galaxy collision, the galaxies don't have to actually touch. The gravitational pull of them will be strong enough to disturb each other.**

What happens when 2 galaxies collide?When two galaxies collide, the interstellar gas of them is compressed into thick clouds. The clouds collapse under gravity and form new stars. That star burst uses almost all of the interstellar gas and gets rid of the remaining gas through supernovae explosions. The gas-poor system that is left is similar to an ellipical galaxie's.

Will we feel when Andromeda and Milky Way collide? Unfortunately, we will not be able to sit at home and watch the immaculate sight of the Andromeda galaxy colliding with our own. You see, in 4 billion years when they collide, we will be long gone. Well, Earth won't be. Anything on Earth that is here today will not be here then. By the time they collide, the sun will have grown so hot that seas will have evaporated and every living thing will have perished, including us.

Click here for the history of colliding galaxies.

Earth in 4 billion years


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