[2014] Emma Shek: Galaxies: The Universes Neighborhoods

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[2014] Emma Shek: Galaxies: The Universes Neighborhoods

How galaxies formedAfter the Big Bang, the Universe was full of radiation and subatomic particles. After that there are two theories -did small particles slowly group together and eventually form stars, star clusters, and eventually galaxies? -Or did the Universe first group as immense clumps of matter that later divided into galaxies?

Galaxies: the Universes neighborhoodsthe

Types of galaxies Spiral- shaped as a spiral- rotates like a hurricane Elliptical- oval shaped- move on random orbits Irregular- not spiral or elliptical- without definite shape

There are more than 170 billion galaxies in the known universe. Some are called dwarf galaxies, are very tiny with around 10 million stars, while others are giant containing a guessed 100 trillion stars

-A star is a ball of gas -it creates its own heat + light-created from mostly hydrogen and helium-have very high temperatures-faintest in light + heat, red dwarf stars-live for millions of years-have a life cycle

There are many types of stars, including giant blue, yellow, and red dwarf stars.

Galaxy Components

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The Milkyway


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