Galactosimia by katie kim

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Galactosimia by katie kim

What is Galactosimia???


Galactosimia is a disorder that affects how the body processes a simple sugar called galactose. Galctose is really part of a larger sugar called lactose. Glactose is found in many foods, and all dairy products contain glactose in them.

Reasearchers have found that there are several differnt types of Glactosimia. These conditions are determined by different mutations in a particular gene. Type one Glactosimia is the most severe type of Glactosimia. Type two and type three Glactosima have different signs and symtoms.

Diferent types of Glactosimia

Glactosimia is an inherited disorder. This means that both parents carried one copy of the mutated gene, but they most likely do not show signs of the symptom.

Symtoms of untreated Galactosimia


Symptoms of Glactosimia are...~Convulsions~Irritability~Lethargy~Poor feeding( means the the baby refuses to eat any formula containing milk)~Poor weight gain~Yellow skin and whites of the eyes~Vomiting

How common is this disorder?

Glactosimia occurs in about 1 in 30,000 to 60,000 newborns. Type two probably affects less than 1 in 100,000 newborns and type three are very rare.


If an infant with Glactosimia is given milk with glactosimia contained in it the substances made from hte infroper breakdown of glactose with buildup inside the infant's system. This will then quickly lead to damage in the liver, brain, kiddneys, and eyes.

Treatment for this disorder would be to go on an Glactose diet (As show in the picture on left) This diet would include no milk, yogurt, cheese, or any other food product with glactose contained in it.

Life threatening symptoms, Inc.

By:Katie Kim



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