Gaius Iulius Caesar

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Gaius Iulius Caesar

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Gaius Julius Caesar was born on 12 July 100 BC in Rome, son of Gaius Caesar and Aurelia. Governor of Gaul 58-49 BC. Appointed dictator for ten years in 47 B, for life on 14 February 44 BC. Married initially to Cornelia (one daughter, Julia), then to Pompeia, alas to Calpurnia. Assassinated on 15 March 44 BC. Deified in 42 BC.Caesar was tall, fair-haired, well built and of sound health. though he did suffer from the occasional epileptic fit.Julius Caesar had changed the nature of the Roman empire, he had swept away the old, corrupt system of the late Roman republic and had set an example to future Roman emperors as well as other future European leaders to live up to.

Ave! Ego sum Gaius Iulius Caesar.


Map of Rome's expansion before and after G. Iulius Caesar

His murder...


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