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Language Arts
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Gage Language Arts Final

The Book ThiefBy: Markus ZusakHero's JourneyBy: Gage Collamore

4.Meeting The MentorPg.424"And if there are more raids, keep reading in the shelter.

11. ResurrectionAt the end of The Book Thief, Liesel goes through a major challenge. While Liesel was sitting in the basement, writing her story, Molching got bombed. The bomb kills a majority of people in Molching, impacting Liesel, making Liesel's greatest fear arrive. Liesel, sitting in the basement, is separated from her family as they get bombed. After the fact, Liesel rises out of the basement in shock of what had happened, "Liesel crept down to the basement and turned on the kerosene lamp." This can be interpereted as Liesel finally escaping the negativity of her life by the people in her life passing into Death's arms. This can be her being purified by this event, allowing her to permanently be a writter. After this event, Liesel is shown to have fixed all of the problems in the start of the book, such as her ability to be literate was solved after months of learning from Hans. Another problem solved, was her being treated negatively by people in her life being taken away. Finally, her fear of losing everyone is solved because it has already happened.

2. The Call To AdventureI chose this song because it is about various people taking risks that help them get out of a bad part of life. This relates to Liesel and her taking various risks to help her get a better life than what she had. Just like the song her life gets better over time.

8.The OrdealThe event that symbolizes Liesel's greatest fear, is the bombing warnings of Molching. This event ends in Liesel facing her fear of losing her loved ones. We have seen that she was devistated after losing her brother and mother. Although she doesn't loose them yet, she still gets worried. This leads to her showing courage and strength leading to a new perspective of life for Liesel. ds

3.Refusal to the Call.One time that I faced a challenge or adventure and declined, was when I went to Las Vegas and didn't go into a famous haunted house. I currently was to scared at the age of 9 to enter the haunted house.

1.The Ordinary WorldAt the start of The Book Thief, Liesel has a melancholic mood and is also uneasy. She feels this way because Liesel is witnessing the death of her only brother take place on a train to a new life. The reader identifies with the plight due to its overall sadness, and its relevance in the begining of the story.

10. The Road Back Life changing story. Here

6.Tests, Allies and EnemiesDeath, as the narrator of The Book Thief, is a major part of making it a uniqe book, and it also is important to the formation of the story. I believe he is a test to the characters in The Book Thief. He is always there prepared to take their souls whenever the moment strikes. Through moments such as the bombings and the threat of Hans being killed in the war, they are always escaping death, "Passing the test." The whole book is like a huge test or game for death. He sometimes is friendly and rude, but he never sticks to one side. That makes me think that he isn't on one side, almost like a game maker. This is why I believe that he is a test more than anything else.

12. Return with the Elixer.A major life changing event in my life was when I chose to move to Parker from northern Colorado. I chose this event because if I never did, I never would have gone to Cimarron Middle School, met my friends and lived in my nice house. It affected my attitude from what I have learned in school, and let me learn alot about Parker.

5. Crossing the Threshold

9. The Reward

7. Approach


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