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Gabrielle Keller

George B. McClellan was a great war general. He is best known for his time served as a general in the Civil War. He was born December 3, 1826 in Philidelphia, PA. He was the son of a Prominent Physician. He also attended the university of Pennsylvania Prepasatory school. He then was accepted in to West Point two years before the minimum age, he graduated second in a class of 59 cadets.

McClellan was know as a very slow man, many might even call him lazy. But even though he was slow he was amazing at training his men and very good at stragey. For exampllae at the Battle of Antietam he found Lees battle plans. Even though it took him a day to jump on this new advantage he still one the battle. unfortunatly he didnt chase after Lee he let him retreat. Many believe that if McClellan would have finished off Lee and his army the war would have been over sooner.

After the Battle of Antietam McClellan was fired as gereral. He later ran for Preident in 1864 as the Democratic Party Reprasentative against Lincoln. McClellan was sure to win because he wanted to end the war and make peace. Yes he was going to win untill Sherman took Atlanta. That insured Lincolns spot as President for the next four years. TheMcClellan family line sadly died because McClellan had no children to carry it on.

George Brinton McClellan



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