Gabriel Nuclear Energy

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Gabriel Nuclear Energy

Bibliography for facts.Example of nuclear energy is a nuclear power plant.The mass is converted to energy.Some people say that many people are scared of radiation because no one knows where it is without a special detector.One small uraium pellet can produce the same electricity of 150 gallons of oil.

Bibliography Science ,Dr.Timothy Cooney 2006.

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I chose this energy because I like hearing about the power plants and about how its used in weapons.Also because this energy is intresting because its a nonrenewable energy and nuclear power was generated to electricity in the 1950s.

Nuclear energy By Gabriel Alvanez 5C

The enormous release of energy is controlled in sustained rates in nuclear power generated plants. Uranium is just like nuclear energy but uranium is a element. People don't know if this energy is safe because the events in Japan.

FACTCarbon,oxygen,and uranium fuel is made during nuclear reactions. Nuclear energy hold together in the nucleus. Nuclear energy is the energy in the middle or core of an nucleus atom.




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