Gabe Pankonin

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Gabe Pankonin

Top10 things to occupy time1. eat2. play catch3. watch t.v.4. fish5. hunting6.bean bag toss7. ladder golf8. beach volleyball9. golf10. family time

favorite class: Englishfavorite hobby: eating and sleeping

This is my all about me space so yea if you want to know about me then read this.........My top five sports would have to be in order from greatest to least: Baseball, Football, Wrestling,Basketball, and Tennis.. I only really watch two T.V. shows, and they are Avatar the last airbender and Sportscenter. My favorite foods are as follows:1. steak2.Mac and cheese3. fried potatoes4. frosted animal cookies5. fried chickenMy future plans would have to be becoming a chiropractor and having my own business.

Gabe Pankonin


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