Gabby Douglas

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Gabby Douglas

This is Gabby Douglas as a baby

This is Gabby with Coach Chow

Gabby DouglasOlympic Gymnast

This is Gabby at one of her first Gymnastics meets

Gabby started getting interested in gymnastics when her older sister taught Gabby how to do a one-handed cartwheel when she was only four years old.

When Gabby knew that gymnastics would be her passion she told her mom she wanted to have lessons with a professional coach. The only problem was that the coach she wanted was in Iowa. Gabby then took a big step and moved to Iowa with a new family.

Gabby was in the 2011 world championships with her USA gymnastics teamates and placed fifth best score on the uneaven bars, yet her team placed first all around.

Gabby Douglas was born in Virginia Beach December 31, 1995.

After the World Championships Gabby went to the 2012 London Olympic Games and placed first. She is now the world's greatest gymnast.

Gabby on the uneaven bars

This is Gabby's team at the Olympics

Other Facts about Gabby:Frst African American Woman to win the All-Around in the Olympics.Home-schooled because of gymnastics practice.Best events are floor exercise and the beamNickname is the flying squirrelPeople say she has a "golden smile!"

Gabby's Greatest Achievement:Gabby's greatest achivement is going to the Olympics. She found out she was the best gymnast in the world when she won the all-around gold!

Gabby's Quote:"You just have to be yourself and go full with confidence and be courageous."This means to me that when you are scared all you have to do is be confident and go for it.

Gabby's Traits:1. Brave2. Supportive: because she helps her team win with confidence 3. Amazing 4. Inspiring5. Spiritiual

Lesson I Learned:Gabby Douglas taught me that if you want to do something just believe in yourself.

Gabby's award winning floor routine.


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