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Gabby Douglas

Gabby Douglas was born December 31st,1995, she is 20 years old. Gabby Douglas is still alive waiting to compete in next years Olympics.

Gabby has 6 family members. One brother named Jonathan,two sisters named Arielle, and Joyelle, a mother named Natalie, and two dogs named Zoway, and Chandler.

Gabby Douglas is twenty years old, and nobody knows if Gabby is dating anyone. Some of Gabby's character traits are a wonderful athlete, hard working, and positive. Gabby has no kids as of right now.

Adult marriage/character traits

Gabby trained with Coach Chow for gymnstics, and went to school at Oak Park High School. Gabby Douglas is a full time gymnast.

Gabby Douglas




When Gabby was 8 years old she won the 2004 Virginia State Champion, she won fourth place in the all around, In November 2011, Gabby joined the World Championship team in Tokoyo where they took home Team Gold. All of Gabby's awards were very important to her but her greatest achievement was when she made history at the Olympics and was the first African-American to take home the Gold Award.


The reason Gabby Douglas is famous is because she was the first African-American gymnast to win the Gold Award medal in the All- Around competition, but Gabby was struggling being away from her family, but she found a way when her mother gave her a pep talk. She told her to stay strong no matter what and Gabby fought to the end.


I didn't have many resources but the resources I used was Going for the Gold by. Tori Kosara, supported to me by Mrs. Krahl. The rest of my resources were online. I used,,, and


FUN FACTS!Did you know that if you scramble Douglas is spells USA Gold. Gabby also plays the piano. Gabby's nickname is the flying squirrel and she's a honor roll student!


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