G2/G3 EDU Tools

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G2/G3 EDU Tools

Glogster Tools: The Magnet Bar

While the possibilities are endless, the tools themselves both on classic G2 and next-gen G3, are easy to use as long as you understand what they do and how to use them

This is your magnet tool bar. Click the pink bar to hide it, grab and move it out of the way when you are arranging your Glog. All elements and tools are found here. Click on each of the elements to expand the selection.

Here, the graphics menu is expanded. The list on the left depicts all the categories of decorations that can be used. Navigate through all the pages by clicking on the numbers at the bottom of the page. To make a selection, click on it, it now displays in the right window, click USE IT! OR drag and drop it on the Glog wall.

Tool functions remain consistent on all menu choices, so as soon as you are familiar with the operation of each, it will become easier and quicker to build your Glogs

GRAPHICS, TEXT, and WALL are preloaded libraries. IMAGE, VIDEO, SOUND, DATA and DRAW are library storage places for you to keep your files. Once uploaded, they will be available for each Glog you build. There are two tabs on each choice. The first is to see your files. The second tab is Players or Frames: and are the "frames" to put around your elements.UPLOAD: search your computer for filesLINK: link to resources found on the Internet GRAB: record now from your computer camera, or microphone. They will be empty on your first use.

As with any technology, the more you use Glogster EDU, the more adept you will become. Explore, and express yourself!

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