G is for Gas Mask

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G  is  for  Gas Mask

G is for Gas Mask Sherman Norfleet Feburary 2013

Why I Chose My Topic?When I went to Alabama, I saw people in gas masks that protect you from gas.

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A gas mask is put on over the face to protect the wearer from inhaling airborne pollutants and toxins. The mask forms a sealed cover over the noses and mouth but may also cover the eyes and other vulnerable soft tissues of the face.

Born in 3/4/1877in Paris, Kentucky Died in 8/27/1963Buried in OhioInventor & Newspaper FounderMarried Mary Ann HassekThree Sons

1912:April 14–15 – Sinking of the RMS Titanic: RMS Titanic strikes an iceberg in the northern Atlantic Ocean and sinks with the loss of 1517 lives.April 20 – Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts, opens.Casimir Funk identifies vitamins.

A gas mask is important because it can help you not smell things such as smoke or anything else that is dangerous. Firefighters, soldiers, and policemen all benefit from it.



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