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History: Fuzhou was founded more than 2,000 years ago. In the 13 year of Kaiyuan during the period of the Tang Dynasty, Fuzhou got its present name from a Fu( Fortune) mountain to the northwest of it. In 1946, it was formally named Fuzhou City. Fuzhou is called "The Zhoulu of the seaside" due to its rich soil. In tang dynasty, Han Yu, the great poet once said: "Fuzhou nurtures many talents who not only excel in writing, but also participate in politics." Fuzhou was and still very advanced Education. Main attractions:1.Wuyi Mountain: is China's top toured attraction. It is also a very important sight in Fuzhou. It is important for its natural conservation of a large number of ancient plant species, wild animals, and reptiles. Mt. Wuyi, is also very senic. 2. Mt. Gu: Mt.Gu meaning( Drum Hill in chinese) is eastern Fuzhou. It is also very scenic. This Mountin is a very famous scenic Buddist spot. It is on the North side of Min River. It is 17 kilometers long from downtown area. It got its name by the size of a rock on a mountain. The rock is shaped like a drum. 3.West Lake Park:It is situated in northern Fuzhou. West Lake Park is the most completed ancient garden in the city, and is called a pearl of gardens in Fuzhou. It has been the tourist attraction since the Tang Dynasty. 4. Mowei: If you are very into Historic sites you sould visit here. 1. It is the base of ship making, and you can learn about ancient battle ships. 5. Minjiang Park: This Park is the largest park in Fuzhou. It was originally called"Jiangbin park," Meaning the Park lying beside the River. by combinding the natural surrondings, and the unique Minjing traditinal culture, Minjing fully reflects on their characteristics of ecology, openness, and Water access.

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West lake Park.

This is a video of Fuzhou

This is a picture of Fazhou, it is the capital of Fujian, Province.

Downtown Fuzhou



This is where Fuzhou is located on a map.


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