Futuring Beautifulness

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Futuring Beautifulness

Technology ' social media information for the future

In 20 years, ALL schools issue ALL students a laptop or tablet. - ... - ...

USS Iron Rebel

Preparing students for jobs that aren't created yet.

Global Competition

Avaiable Career ' Work Environmnet+more flexible ' marketable workforce

+No need for outdated textbooks+Update information quicky+More access ' equity--Limit communication to "Netspeak"--Focus is on video game appearance vs content--No universal Internet access (rural ' inner city); infrastructure investment

Living Conditions ' Healthcare+Lessen the urban/rural split+Increase universal access+Distance has less of an impact on avaiable services--Other pressures still exist--Laptop isn't a universal fixer

Positives ' Negs

+Workforce more comfortable with digital tools+Push on STEM makes us more competitive--Tool is only as good as the user--Still have to build a good thinker to outperform ' out-innovate other countries--Still a large monetary investment

Futuring:Text Facilitation



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