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Future Technology

THE BLACK HOLE IS RELEASEDThe black hole can be connected to the charging base and used as a desktop device and all things can be controlled in the air. I think that it would be nice to have a black hole because it looks easier to use, to do work, or homework on it, and it looks cool, but it also looks pretty expensive to have one. The black hole is expected by 2020


3D-PRINTED HUMAN ORGANS3d-printed human organs are basically fake organs that work the same as a regular organ. The intended use is to save more humans without killing real humans. I think there is a benefit about printing 3d organs because you can save a lot of people who are dying of need of organs , so the person who comes up with this is going to be a hero for a lot of people. This is expected to happen by 2025

The 5G Standard is releasedThe 5G Standard has 2.5G, 3G, 4G or 5G networks. The 5G Standard is expected to have faster wifi and better service to geographical areas . In my opinion I think this is going to be pretty useful to all people, but at the same time I think people really don't need them. This is expected by 2020.

TEXTING BY THINKING Texting by thinking is a combination of eye-tracking technology and a sesor mounted headset worn by the user.Also it has a headset that contains a brain -machine interference which detects electrical brain waves and converts them into digits. The benefit is that is free hands, so you can be texting while doing something productive with your hands. It is said that is expected to come by 2020.

HOLOGRAPHIC TELEVISIONThe holographic television is a television that can be watched as a 3d dimensional programming. The intended use of the holographic television is that you can feel you are there but you're not. In my opinion I don't think there's a benefit about having this but i do think it would be nice to have one. It is expected by 2025.


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