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Future Technologies

Laminating sheets are not recyclable because they are hard to dispose in our recycling bins.Laminating sheets are disposed in land fill which they are then disintegrated which takes 3 months.

Laminating sheets are distributed  to shops all around Australia like Oficeworks , Microsoft and other stationary stores.Laminating sheets are used nearly everyday in our classrooms , offices ,businesses and in our homes. Laminating sheets are used to cover paper to keep paper clean.

Laminating sheets are designed by printers that have polyester, reused plastic shopping bags and adhesive in them.laminating sheets are produced in New York City in America.

By reducing laminating sheets we are helping the environment by not getting polluted.By refusing to buy laminating sheets we are saving money and we are keeping the air clean from pollution and chemicals

Laminating sheets have materials that we use in our everyday lives like polyester , adhesive and plastic shopping bags which have been recycled and reused.

The Story of Laminating Sheets


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