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Future Technologies ( Darren Malone )

Medical Technologist Job Duties: Determines normal and abnormal components of body fluids by conducting chemical analyses of blood, urine, spinal fluids, and gastric juices. Conserves laboratory resources by using equipment and supplies as needed to accomplish job results.

Employment of medical laboratory technologists is projected to grow 12 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster the average for all occupations. ... Medical laboratory technologists and technicians will be in demand to use and maintain the equipment needed for diagnosis and treatment.

Medical technologists, also known as clinical laboratory technologists, perform and analyze the results of complex scientific tests on blood and bodily fluids. These highly trained professionals work in hospitals and independent laboratories using sophisticated procedures and equipment.

Technologists earned an average salary of $60,320 in 2017. Comparable jobs earned the following average salary in 2017: Radiation Therapists made $85,190, Diagnostic Medical Sonographers made $73,200, MRI Technologists made $70,490, and Clinical Laboratory Technicians made $53,230.

An engineering technologist is a professional trained in certain aspects of development and implementation of a respective area of technology. Engineering technology education is even more applied and less theoretical than engineering education, though in a broad sense both have a focus on practical application

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Licensure and Certification. Some states require licensure for clinical laboratory technologists, which includes cytogenetic technologists. Requirements vary by state but generally include completion of at least a bachelor's degree program and passage of an examination.


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