[2017] devon molina (Anatomy & Physiology): Future Technologies

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[2017] devon molina (Anatomy & Physiology): Future Technologies

Causes:-Growth Hormone Difficiency-Skeletal Dysplasias

Signs and symptoms:- Prominent forehead-Shortened arms and legs-Broad rounded chest-Arthritis and joint movement issues-Twisted feet and hunched back

DwarfismBY: Devon Molina, Bria Freeman

Definition: It is characterized by short stature. Technically meaning an adult of 4 feet 10 inches or under, according to the advocacy group Little People of America


Prognosis:People with achondroplasia seldom reach 5 feet in height. Intelligence is in the normal range. Infants who receive the abnormal gene from both parents do not often live beyond a few months.

statistical data

Treatment-drugs through injections-Correct bone direction-Correct shape of spine (scoliosis)

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