Future of the Internet

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Future of the Internet

The futures Internet


The use for the teleportation is so you can get from one place to another the realse date is in about 50 years from now the reason they made this is so we didnt have to waste money on gas and its just an upgrade to the world scientist say.

Battery for Tech. gets a boost

They came up with a BatteryTechnology Booster because they think if you charge it for about 15 minutes it will stay charged for about 1 or 2 weeks straight I think this is a great idea so you wont charge it ever 5 hours or the battery dieing on you when your trying to call in when its an emergency they think it will be released by 2015.

Wooly mammoth comes back

Scientist think they can clone the wooly mammoth and bring them back to life. The scientist say they have came up with an experiement and a machine to bring them back it could be a tricky expeirment but if they bring the wooly mammoth back thye could have a chance to bring back many other extinct animals. I think this would be a tricky and great way to bring back animals. Therefore the wooly mammoth will be realeased in 2030.

First hotel in space?!!! The reason they came up with something like this is because some people have been wanting to go to space since they were little. They think if you can make a hotel in space they will be able to make houses and buidings and just make a new type of world. there. People love this idea because you get to get a great view of the earth and stars and have new expeirences. I think this is great but then a bad idea first it would be great to get a veiw of new things no one has never seen before in person and only through pictures and the bad thing is that youll be floating around and if the oxegyn starts to cut down there would be no other way to survive unless you head back to earth. The release of the hotel in space is in 2016.

First hotel in space

Agricultural Robots appear on farms

They created robots for farmers so the farmers don't have to do alot of hard work and get them tired especially during the summer. I like the idea of this because it helps the farmer to have time with the family and get some rest. The release is in 2016.

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