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What is green roof technology? Modern green roof technology is a design where the surface of the roof is flat and offers the possibility of implementing live vegetation while having a specially designed drainage and root protection components and offering light weight profiles. It was first developed in the seventies in Germany. Green roofs are becoming increasingly popular as property owners try to save energy and improve air and water quality. According to the Green Roof technology website this technology provides many benefits such as reduced energy consumption for heating and cooling, storm water retention, heat island mitigation, filtration of acid rain and air pollutants, noise pollution reduction, and the therapeutic effects found from being in the presence of nature. For business and domestic customers, green roofs can reduce costs on energy and roof upkeep. Green roofs insulate and protect buildings from weather conditions and the sun's UV radiation, which reduces energy consumption and increases the durability of the roof. The creation of the Green Roof instead of a Standard Roof has a positive effect on the environment. Green roofs not only provide numerous benefits, in numerous categories, including economic returns, cleaner, cooler air and reduced noise but also their beauty and serenity can even improve your mood, energy level and general satisfaction. For a business, that means happier, more productive employees (Architek.) According to Morris (2009), five benefits to Green Roofing are: 1. Reduces energy consumption: 2. Increases social opportunity: 3. Reduces urban heat island effect: 4. Aesthetic enhancement: 5. Increases building value. In recent decades and in the decades to come architects, builders, and city planners all across the planet will be applying green roofs to new and existing buildings not only for their beauty but for their practicality as there will be almost no available free land in urban cities.

How are photovoltaic energy, geothermal energy and green roof technology going to change the future of house building? The goal for future architects and builders is to construct houses that are sustainable, self-sufficient and low maintenance. As the Microsoft video predicts the houses of the future are going to be very technical and very “smart” where with only a touch of a button you can control everything around you. But there is no doubt that this “smart” house is based on primarily energy efficiency resources. In the future the energy efficiency will be achieved by utilizing renewable energy sources such as solar and geothermal power. The goal of building this type of houses is to reduce the cost of living and to decrease its impact on the environment. So the future house will have solar panels that will generate electricity to reduce energy costs, will have a geothermal heating and cooling system that will heat and cool the house and lastly, will have a green roof that will not only be aesthetic pleasing to the owners but will also provide a natural habitat for many species in today’s urban society.

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House with Green Roof

House with Green Roof

Green Roof layers

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