Future Job: Chemist

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Future Job: Chemist

What is a Chemist?A chemist is a scientist who researches and experiments with the properties of chemical substances. They measure the effects of chemical compounds in various situations and study inter-chemical reactions. Fun facts:You get to make anything you want. just ask me.You get to leagly play with very, very hazordous chemical. Lastly, You get your own wok area and do almost all you want to do in there!

Future Job:Chemist

Education NeededTo be a Chemist, you need a Bachelor's Degree or higher.

Opportunities For AdvancementIf you advance in your area, you can get bigger projects and more hazordous expiriments. You will also get a higher pay and better instruments.

Average SaleryThe average salary per year is approximately $66,410. It is around $31.93 an hour.

Chemistry Intro Video

Responsabilities A chemist will perform a variety of research relating to chemical compounds and processes. In addition, many chemists will write books on the subject and hold lectures for individuals with interest in chemistry. Lastly, many chemists will teach various levels of chemistry, some college age and above and others in high school and below.

OpprotunitiesBeing a chemist can be very challenging. It involves a lot of math, and you have to take calculus II which is hard enough to begin with. The list goes on forever. Making it a really hard job to get.


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