Future House

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Future House

Human population in every city is drastically increasing. However, cities such as Hong Kong do not have enough land or space to house all these people. Right now, we are reclaiming land, but eventually that will run out too. We need new designs for housing to accommodate all these people and let the city function normally. That is why we have been continuouisly researching new technology (e.g moving walls) to create a dwelling that uses its space to its fullest.

This is about the housing designs that could be used in the future due to the increasing human population.


Future House Designs ...

Why ?

-Moving Walls already in development-Allows te resident to cusomize their own lodging-Only needs to be 800ft big-Fits multiple rooms into a small house-Design allows for more houses (double original amount)-Can detect where a person is and adjust lighting levels to better suit that person.


This a TED video by Kent Larson. Not only does he talk about some really interesting designs for houses, but for cars and o city planing as well. The main point of the video is to inform its audience of what our future is capable of and what we plan on doing to make it a place where everyone can live is a normal environment.



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