Future Home Designs

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by nicolejandrews
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Environmental Studies

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Future Home Designs

Nicole Andrews

Future Home Designs

KZF Design Headquarters(certified)

Some future home designs that I had in mind were using passive and active solar energy to heat my home. I liked the idea of having large windows and,after watching an in class video, also having some parts of the house built from clay and straw. Another idea that I found and researched was hobbit homes(shown in videos). Although living in one would be difficult, I liked the idea of having one either in my yard or somehow connected to my home. I believe having as much renewable energy resources in my future home is important, so I would like my house to have solar panels located on the roof or in the backyard. Also on the roof, I would like to have grass growing to create insulation and heat for my home. Using these materials would allow my future self to save money on heat, light, and energy. Although it is not everyones future home designs, it is what will make my house unique and environmental friendly.

Environmental & Heritage Center(gold)

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Garden(silver)


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