[2015] Maddigan DeBoth (5th Grade): Future Harvard Student

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[2015] Maddigan DeBoth (5th Grade): Future Harvard Student

Becoming A Scientist at Harvard University

Harvard is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with an acceptance rate of 5.9 percent. Harvard was founded in 1636 making it one of the most stunning colleges in the world.

My backup plan is to apply to Yale Universitylocated in New Haven, Conneticut. Yale was founded in 1701 with an acceptance rate of 6.3 percent. I would like to become a scientist at Yale too.

A Little bit aboutHarvard

Backup Plan

1. Get OUTSTANDING SAT and ACT grades along with lots of positive things on my application!2. Get involved in a degree program. I'm shooting for my master's degree in science!3. Get a part time job4. Continue to live along my 4 years of college5. Graduate college with a breathtaking master's degree in my hands6. Become a scientist who can discover new things!



Future phenomenon: Maddigan DeBoth

I was inspired by all of the succesful graduates such as John Quincy Adams, Theodore Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and Barack Obama.


My goal is to see everything in the United States of America. Even though I KNOW that won't happen, it would still be nice to go to new places and get HIGHLY educated.


Stanford, Tufts University, Princton, Columbia, Duke, Berkeley or UCLA

Other Colleges



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