Future Focus

by MrsNantz
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Future Focus

Future Focus

Students:FunEngagingInterestingReal World RelevanceHands-OnCreateStudents want to be able to show off their knowledge

Parents:College ReadyMotivatedIndividualized InstructionInitiative for Success

State/Nation:NCLBStandards and TEKSISTE's/NETS-TAccountabilitySTATE ASSESSMENT is not aligned with STATE EXPECTATIONS

District/Campus:Student CenteredEngagementCreativity and InnovationTechnology integration expectations which can be applied through teacher training, resource availability, and experience

Our Role:Balance all the expectations vs. the reality of our classroom situations

Business/Post-Secondary:Social SkillsMoral EthicsFostering Creative Thinking We are closely connnected to the CCRS- More time is spent on developing foundational skills.

Tell me, I forgetShow me, I rememberInvolve me, I understand.-Chinese Proverb

With the help of Dr. Ledbetter, we will TURN UP THE H.E.A.T in our classrooms.



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