Fur Trade

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Fur Trade

European traders also used their marriages to gain access to traditional native lands and knowledge, as well as gaining hardworking partners for the arduous labor of the fur trade.

Fur Trade

1670British challenged French dominance in the northen and western fur trade by chartering the Hudson's Bay Company.

The North American fur trade comprised an important episode in the continent's history. Fur traders were the advance guard of European and American society and were typically the first whites to encounter Native Americans. The concept of trapping animals and selling their fur to distant consumers introduced a market economy to Native Americans' world.

1534 - 1543Paris hat makers eagrly imported North America beaver pelts, setting a fashion trend that spread quickly to the rest of Europe and driving an even larger demand for furs.

Mid 17th CenturyAs trade profits increased and animal pelts began to grow scarce, competition over trading territory with native groups caused many Iroquois wars.


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