Funky Foods

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Funky Foods

Funky Foods

Sour Fish Head Soup!

The type of fish that you would mainly use is catfish or red snapper heads. Sour Fish Head Soup is prepared by adding tomatoes, onions, pineapple, spices, and fish sauce to give the soup a sweet and sour taste, but you can’t forget the fish heads. Vietnam is one of the only countries that eat fish heads in soup. Sour Fish Head soup is also called Can Chua CaIt’s a traditional and a popular cuisine

Did you know?White rice is eaten with every meal, they also use a dip or seasoning called fish sauce

The captial of Vietnam is Hanoi. The color of their flag is yellow & red. Yellow represents royalty & red represents luck.

Poem:Sour Fish Head Soup isn’t that pleasing But in Vietnam it is very appealingI know it makes me want to throw upBut they think it’s a thumbs upThey like to eat it with riceAnd I think that’s very niceThey may add a lot of seasoningBut it has fish sauce so I'm not pleadingI thinks its very nice to shake hands and slightly bow as a greetingThey stand three feet apart so you have to be reachingThey have many beliefsBy there ancestors who are deceasedFish Head Soup isn’t pleasingBut it Vietnam it is very appealingThis may say horrendousBut to them its very scrumptious

They shake hands and then slightly bow and they are 3 feet away from each other.The Vietnamese believe that their deceased ancestors are able to help with there living. The Vietnamese are very respectful of one another

Few Vietnam people own cars while most urban families own at least one motorbike.



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