Funky drugs

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by Lorte
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Funky drugs

Real life storyThis is the story about Jenna who lost her best friend to the drugs.One day Jenna and her best friend Pippi longstockings walked down the street while her friend smoked some pot. Suddenly a car with a drunk driver hit Pippi and she died on the pavement. The pot killed her not the drunk driver.

1) Don't talk to shady and black people in the alley.2) Drugs CAN harm your soul and body.3) You loose your soul if you take drugs.

Weed can kill

Say no to weed

You can end up as the predsident of USA if you say yes to weed.

Kids, don't do drugs. We're serious!!!!!!!


Reduse the use

Shimon and Shilas

Drugs can make you ugly



  • doni99 8 years ago

    doni99's avatar

    So true! Drugs ain't good, it kills people's minds! Dude, seriously i don't get those who do drugs do it to get along wit their homeys and i mean who cares about their nooby friends? Why suffer just for them!?! What a head!

  • doni99 8 years ago

    doni99's avatar

    This is a awesome glog, you should be proud of making some cig fig's eyes to open! Value credit for ur self mate! ;d

  • AnastaciaOrtega 8 years ago

    AnastaciaOrtega's avatar

    I found it awesome too

  • AnastaciaOrtega 8 years ago

    AnastaciaOrtega's avatar

    I think its awesome