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PHYLA~Chytridiomycota about 1,000 species~Zygomycota about 1,000 species~Glomeromycota about 200 species~Ascomycota about 50,000 species~Basidiomycota about 30,000 species

Fungi live nearly everywhere,including soil, plants, animals,H2O, and even feces!


This poster was made by: Krista Feiste

The assumed evolutionary history of fungi suggests the ansestor to be an aquatic, single celled, flagellated protist.

Fungi cause be harmful causing disease in plants, animals, and humans. Fungi also can contaminate food.

Why did the mushroom get invited to all the parties? Cause hes a FUNGI!!

Most fungi is multicellular, but not yeast!!

Funi are eukaryotic heterotrophs that externaly digest food by using hyphae (threadlike filaments) to secrete digestive enzymes into the external environment.

Since fungi is able to absorb its food, it can consume a larger variety of menerals compared to other kingdoms. This give fungi more food options!

Although fungi is rumored to be a harmful organism,humans use it benificially for daily food, food production, and bio research! Fungi is also a crucial part of any ecosystem.

fungi lacks chlorophyll making them incapable of photosynthesis. This means that fungi is more closley related to humans than to plants!

Asexual and sexual microscopic spores are released into the air or attached onto insects and animals in order to reproduce new fungi!


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