Fundamentals of Nutrition

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Fundamentals of Nutrition

Fundamentals of Nutrition

- it is important for every health care worker to have a solid understanding 0f basic nutrition, so they can practice and promote good nutrition

1. Your Nutritional Needs are unique (everybodys nutirtional needs are different)2. It takes 3500 calories to make a pound3. “Nutrition” is derived from “nourish,” which is from the Latin nutrire, meaning to feed, nurse, support, and preserve--literally,

Fun Facts


Nutrition- includes all body processes relating to foodNutritional status- refers to the state or condtition of one's nutritionWellness- a state of good health with optimal body function

Words to Know

-Nutrition plays a large role in determining height, weight, strength, skeletal and muscular development, physical agility, resistance to disease, appetite, posture, complexion, mental ability, and emotional and psychological health-the immediate effects of good nutrition include a healthy appearance, a good attitude, proper sleep and bowel habits, a high energy level, enthusiasm, and freedom from anxiety

-Nutrition includes all body processes relating to food. These include digestion, absorption, metabolism, circulation, and elimination


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