Fundamental Counting Principle

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Algebra I

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Fundamental Counting Principle

Ana Padillla, Alma V, Emilio B, Mauricio F P5

1. A deli has a lunch special that offers a sandwich (s), soup(p), drink(d), and dessert(t) combo. There are 3 sandwich options, 4 soup options, 5 dessert options, and 6 drink options. Using the counting principle, you can figure out the different combinations available.You multiple SxPxDxT, 3x4x5x6 = 360 different combinations available.

Fundamental Counting Principle



Real Life Uses

3. The standard configuration for a New York licenseplate is 3 digits followed by 3 letters.How many different license plates are possibleif digits and letters can be repeated? There are 10 choices for each digit and 26 choices for each letter. You can use the fundamental counting principle to find the number of different plates.Number of plates = 10 • 10 • 10 • 26 • 26 • 26 = 17,576,000

2. Six students are to give a speech on the same day. One student request to go last. If this student goes last, how many different ways can the speeches be scheduled?There are six events and there can be only one possibility for speaker6. This leaves 5 for speaker 5, 4 for speaker 4, 3 for speaker 3, 2 for speaker 2, and 1 for speaker 1.1x2x3x4x5x1=120 different ways the speeches can be scheduled.

What it the fundamental counting principle?Is a way to figure out the total number of ways different events can occur.

Formula:Tree Diagram

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Conclusion:This was a fun project to be part of because we needed to learn by ourselves. We did research on each of our topics. I think the fundamental counting principle could be use in my daily life. I enjoyed doing this project without knowing anything before. I think it helped us improve our searching skills and we also learn not to just close our minds in only one thing, besides, it made us open our eyes and mind to learn a new topic.


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