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Language Arts
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Future-Science FictionFor teenage girls

Melissa De La CruzMichael Johnston

Captures audience and very interesting.

NatShe is very smart and cunning. Disguised as a blackjack dealer, she hides her true existence as one of the marked children. Slightly reckless and stubborn when she doesn't want to listen to the voice in her head.

WesSmart and brave, but his one weakness is his soft heart. He hates that he can't save everybody. Very protective when someone tries to harm Nat or his crew.

SettingThe frozen wasteland of the West Coast after the world froze in the future.

ThemeEven the heaviest hearts can find love.

Both Nat and Wes have dark pasts and never thought they could love, but in the end the two of them realize that what they feel for each other is deeper than they imagined.

Some say the world will end in Fire, some say in Ice.

RSAOtherwise known as the Remaining States of America, the RSA tries to keep people from leaving its borders, while people inside live in the frozen wasteland that was once earth. The RSA kidnaps the marked children and tortures the civilians. The RSA rules under strict rules and kills those who try to do something about it.

Melissa De La Cruzis a bestselling author of novels such as her series Blue Bloods that has sold over 3 million copies and another story, Witches of East End, which is now a television show.Micheal Johnstonis Melissa's husband, and he and Melissa live in Los Angels with their daughter.

India Eisley

Max Irons

If I made a Movie...



BackgroundAfter the Break, the entire world has frozen and the seas are poisonous. Actual water is a luxury and every building requires constant heating. However a rumor goes around about the mysterious Blue, where it is warm with clean water. Many of the marked children are kidnapped and totured by the RSA who won't let people look for the Blue. Nat is marked and hires Wes to sneak her across the border and take her to the Blue.

The Voice is Mine, I am the Monster

Her Destiny- a Destiny of Rage and Ruin.

New Vegas

ConflictsMan vs. ManWes and the crew face many people, one of which is the Slob, the most dangerous slaver in the poisonous seas.Man vs. SocietyThe RSA is set on trying to keep any civilians from reaching the Blue and also is kidnapping the marked children and making them do horrible this to people.Man vs. SelfNat is told that she has no heart by the RSA and therefore can never love, also they made her do despicable things to people and she can not get the guilt out of her head.

Boat used to cross the poisonous seas

The Blue



  • karlane11 5 years ago

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    I like how organized your layout is an how all of your graphics are related to what you are talking about so I get a good visual picture of this book. In your background the first sentence says "After the break." What is "the break?" Something else that caught my attention is your quote from the book. I'm guessing that it is the box on the bottom right hand corner of your glog but I'm not sure because there are no quotation marks and I have no clue who is saying it. I am also curious how it relates to the book. Overall it is very appealing to the eye and the errors that you made are little ones.

  • maggiecaudle 5 years ago

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    This is a really good project! I love the color scheme, it wall works well together. I also really love the way you described the characters, which made them seem likeable and helps convince people to read your book. I like how you made the project seem like more of a collage than just a paper. :) If I had any advice, it'd be to, like Karl said, include a little more on "the break".