Frontal Lobe

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Human Anatomy

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Frontal Lobe

It is difficult to injure your frontal lobe because it is surrounded by rough bony ridges behind the forehead but it is not impossible. When your frontal lobe is injured your mood and behavior are affected. A change in reduced activity, a lack of motivation, stubborness, impatient and irrability are just a few to that will occur. When your Left Frontal Lobe is injured speech can be affected as well as impulse control and memory.

Frontal Lobe

Brain Conductor

Phineas Gage Injury

Injury to Frontal Lobe

Frontal Lobe Injury

Frontal Lobe

Injured Brain - video

Phineas GageOn September 13, 1848, Gage was directing a work gang blasting rock while preparing the roadbed for the Rutland & Burlington Railroad south of the town of Cavendish, Vermont. When a large iron rod was driven through his head. It injured his brain's left frontal lobe, causing a major change to his personality and behavior. Even though recovered physically he was 'no longer Gage' as they would say. He became stubborn inconsiderate, and could not organize his thoughts and execute any of his plans. He was also left with a speech disability.

Injured Frontal Lobe Case

Frontal Lobe Importance - video

The frontal lobe is located behind the forehead, it's the largest part of the brain. It's function is to carry out planning, thinking, and decision making, but it is also involved in other functions such as: retaining memory, controlling behaviors and emotions and problem solving.



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