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From words to lectures

Growing up, my dream job changed quite often. I didn't have a steady adult in my life, so my cousin became my biggest hero. When I was in seventh grade she wanted to be a pharmacist, so naturally I wanted to be a pharmacist as well. Over the years my dream job has changed from a professional hockey player to a veterinarian to what is now a teacher.

My early childhood was far from the normal experience. Mrs. Woods was the first teacher to take a general interest in me and the first adult to treat me with respect. She encouraged me to push my boundaries of comfort. My sophmore English teacher inspired me. The way she was able to encourage her students in and outside of the classroom. She took her profession as an educator to a greater echelon than most. I want to take the passion and love of learning that she gave to me and pass it on to my students.

Mrs. Woods discovered my natural talent to tell a story. She asked me to stay after class to discuss a paper I had written for her class. She began by telling me all of the parts she enjoyed and how with small adjustments that I could make it even better. I continued to seek advice about my assignments with Mrs. Woods, first for only her class and then for my additional classes. Mrs. Woods helped me take my love for telling stories to extend to writing essays and even poetry. She helped me publish a poem in my high school's literary magazine. Mrs. Woods even wrote a recommendation letter for college and my high school's newspaper staff. She continued to be a mentor even after I was no longer her student.

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I didn't wake up and decide one day that I wanted to be an educator. I moved around often, so I did not make a connection with any of my teachers. Most of the teachers in my life seemed to be just going through the motions without really taking any interest in their students. My sophmore English teacher was Mrs. Woods. Mrs Woods. was a little different; at first glance she looked like a hippie. However, she made learning stimulating. She was truly interested in what her students had to say in their stories. English class became more of a discussion than a lecture.





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