Frog's Cycle

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Frog's Cycle

A Frog's Life Cycle

Stage 4Young Frog/Froglet- at this stage, about week 12, the froglet looks like a small version of an adult frog but with a small tail. Froglet begins to leave the water and eat larger insects.

Stage 1Egg Mass - eggs are layed by female frogs in water. (take an average of 6-21 days for a he eggs to fertilize and hatch.)

Stage 5 (final stage)Adult Frog - during week 12- 16, froglet loses their tail and become adult frogs. Now they can reproduce and lay their own eggs.

Stage 3Tadpole with legs - at this stage tadpoles at age 6-9 weeks begin to grow their hind legs and expand their nutrition to eating dead insects in the water. ( closer to week 8 and 9 tadpoles begin growing their front limbs.)

Stage 2Tadpole - eggs hatch and tadpoles are born. Live and swim under water using their gills to breath. Feed on algae. (After around 4 weeks, tadpoles lose their gills and begin to breath with their lungs)

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