Frog Life Cycle

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Frog Life Cycle

Tadpoles with Legs

Egg phase

Somewhere between 12-16 weeks (depending on the water and food supply) the frog has completed the full growth cylce! Now they can start the process all over from the beginning to create more frogs.

Young Frog

The egg phases usually lasts anywhere from 6-21 days. Both Frogs and Toads lay exteremely large numbers of eggs because of all the hazards that can prevent the eggs from reaching adulthood!

Commonly refereed to as 'spawn' or 'eggmass' this is the part where the eggs are fertilized. Some species stay around to protect their young, while others leave their offspring to fend for themselves.


Adult Frog

At 12 weeks all that is left of the tadpoles tail is a stub, and it takes on almost the complete form of an adult frog!

When tadpoles are first born they are unable to swim and stick to floating weeds or glasses. Then, after about 7-10 days they begin to swim around and feed on algae. Although all tadpoles are born with gills, they dissapear after about 4 weeks after hatching.

After 6-9 weeks, tadpoles begin to grow legs!

Frog Life Cycle


By Benjamin Duguay

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