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Fritz Haber

HonoredThe Institute for Physical and Electrochemistry was renamed the Fritz Haber Institute

Fritz HaberChemistBorn: 9 Dec 1868 in Breslau, Germany(Now known as Wroclaw, Poland)Died: 29 January 1934 in Basel, Switzerland

FamilyParents: Siegfried and Paula HaberStepmom: Hedwig HamburgerSiblings: 3 younger stepsisters Spouse: Charlotte Nathan (1917-1927) Clara Immerwahr (1901-1915)Children: 2 sons and a daughter

EducationElementary School--BreslauSt. Elizabeth Gymnasium(High School)--BreslauUniversity of Berlin--1886University of Heidelberg--1891--Ph DFederal Institute of Technology--Zurich, Switzerland

Gas MaskC X T=KC - concentration of the gas T - time necessary to breathe the gas, in order to produce given toxic effect K - is a constant, depending on both the gas and the effect.

Haber-Bosch Process--The Haber Process is the reaction of nitrogen and hydrogen to produce ammonia. --The process was developed by Fritz Haber and Carl Bosch in 1909. --It was first used on an industrial scale by the Germans during World War I. --The demand for munitions in the war prompted the adoption of the process. --The ammonia produced nitric acid and this produced various explosive nitro compounds used in munitions.

Published WorksExperimental Studies on the Decomposition and Combustion of Hydro-carbons--1896Outline of Technical Electrochemistry on a Theoretical Basis--1898Thermodynamics of Technical Gas Reactions--1905Practical Results of the Theoretical Development of Chemistry

Awards1918Nobel Prize for Chemistry

F. Haber Facts-Paula Haber died during his birth-1st wife commited sucide-Considered acting before Chemistry-One of sciences greatest heros and vilians

Known For--Developing an efficient way of producing ammonia hydrogen and atmospheric nitrogen--Playing a major role in developing German's chemical warfare weapons during World War I (Chlorine Gas)--Discoveries help the world grow nutritious food for billions of people.--Producing the firedamp whistle to help minors--Creating gas masks with absorbent filters


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