Friendship and dating

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Friendship and dating


Online datingExchange a smilemeet people on internetmake friends with each otherreasonable expectationsGood matchGo for / Go offGetting involvedleave your loveGentle CourtshipProspective Partner

Flirt withget along on Ask outFall forHit it offBreak up Attracted toSette downGo out = dateBlind datingSpeed dating

EasygoingEnthusiasticgood loverIntelligent/ brillianttake a good care of mePhisically activeSensitiveCurious about the worldHaving thrilling experiencesTaking risksFun-loving


Your Ideal Partner


During the last years, the way of meet people and dating have changed a lot.It's very important to have a social life.Couples and friends usually share hobbies, beliefs, religious and are about the same age: the same linkings like you.Today, Internet is one of the most popular ways for people to get dates and meet new friends.

I. Introduction:

II. Ideas related with Dating

Different offline methods: In a bar, at work.......Impact Social networks: Online methods is increasing, much more fashionable.Advertising in the media.Different types of dating: speed dating, blind dating, online datingReasonable expectations in a online dating.Online, you can express your feelings easier than offline, besides you can lie easier too.You can post a photo, a trustful profile.... or not.

III. Ideas related with Friendship

A friend should be ther for you all the time, not just when they want to be. They will keep in touch although you may be far apart. some of my closest live abroad but it doesn't really make a lot of difference.You can trust them, and they will never lie to you.You can feel completely comfortable with.They should be there when you feel down or whenever you really need themA good friend is someone who listens to you but, at the same time, doesn't agree with everythig you say.what's the matter if your friends dislike your partner.

IV. Conclusion

Trust is the most important thing in relationships and between partner.Today, there are a wide range of posibilities to meet people and have a very good social life.If you are surrounded of family and friends, you make sure you are happier.


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