Friedrich Froebel

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Friedrich Froebel

Friedrich Froebel

Kelly Jo ThetfordMrs. Maines P.5


Friedrich Froebel has impacted education in a positive way by his works. Since his works, children have shown a progession in development, they have become more involved and aware due to his creation of the "Froebel Gifts".

Personal Life

1)His mother died when he was 9 months old. 2)His father was a pastor.3)Lived with his maternal uncle from 1793-1798

Friedrich Froebel was best known for creating the ''kindergarten system'' or what you may know as the Froebel gifts. The Froebel gifts consisted of various balls, wooden blocks, tiles, sticks, and rings.

Born April 21, 1782Died June 21, 1852

If he had never invented these toys, young childhood education would be less helpful and affective. Kids would have a smaller growth of development and become less involved and aware during Kindergarten and later schooling would be more difficult.

Interesting fact about Froebel:From 1798-1800 he worked as an apprentive to a foryester and surveyer.

If I could ask him something about his work I would ask if he would have liked to add any other toys or materials.



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